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CHIMEI pledges to employ concrete management solutions to improve overall environmental performance and boost environmental quality, while reducing hazards. This pledge covers the possible environmental impact of solid waste, waste gases, and wastewater derived from the company’s products, activities, and service processes, the handling of toxic chemical substances, and the consumption of energy resources.

Environmental Protection Efforts

When it comes to environmental protection and eco-friendly production processes, we have long been ahead of the curve. ? We rigorously maintain the latest ISO certifications relating to energy, greenhouse gases, and environmental management across all our facilities. ? We have been investing heavily in clean and green processes to limit our waste and emissions to radically low levels.

I. Green Production

36% Reduction in Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

CHIMEI has always paid attention to how our production processes and products can bring positive value and reduce any negative impact on the environment. Therefore, since 2009, CHIMEI has volunteered to participate in the carbon reduction project organized by the Taiwan Industry Bureau. Internally, we have proposed 166 records of our carbon reduction efforts from 2009 to 2018, and have cut 150,000 tons of carbon emissions per year in total. We achieved a 35 percent reduction in carbon emissions between 2007 and 2019 by adopting the “1 Organization 4 Steps” approach. In 2018, we were the first private enterprise to earn carbon credits from the EPA. The approved 100,000 tons of tradable carbon quota was generated from the PC Steam Boiler Project.

Greenhouse Gas Management: 1 Organization 4 Steps

Greenhouse Gas Management: 1 Organization 4 Steps

II. Green Energy

Our goal:80% Reclaimed Water Used in Production, 80% Energy Self-Sufficiency, and 98% Sludge Waste Reduction.

Since inception, CHIMEI has been finding ways to save and reuse resources, and to be cleaner and greener during production. Through efforts to be more efficient and effective in terms of energy usage, CHIMEI has invested in projects that help reduce carbon emissions and sludge, and better treat wastewater. In 2018, CHIMEI issued NT$5 billion in green bonds, the largest tranche issued by a private enterprise in Taiwan, to raise funds for our clean and green efforts. We have invested in four clean and green projects: (1) A solar power plant (About Green Energy Park) (2) A heat and power station (3) An EDR water recycling system (4) A resource recycling furnace

III. Green Initiatives

CHIMEI will continue to be heavily involved in the circular economy and the development of sustainable materials. At this moment, we are putting our efforts into using post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics as casing/ housing materials for electronics products. Our PCR plastic products are categorized into four types: rABS、rPC/ABS、rPC and rPC+GF, and all of them have been approved by T?V/UL. In particular, the focus of post-consumer recycled plastics(PCR) certification for recycled information technology equipment (ITE) is on the traceability of the recycled products. This includes the post-loop recycling system, qualified recycling standards, quality assurance requirements, and the recycling rate. Therefore, we have strict controls in place regarding the traceability and manufacturing processes of recycled materials in order to provide customers with value-added products and trustworthy services.

Environmental Protection Principles

We prioritize the protection of the environment, and ensure we follow the strict guidelines of the EHS policy. In compliance with environmental laws, CHIMEI has thoroughly implemented the following principles: ? We have established lawful, effective environmental management systems facilitating the implementation of environmental protection and safe production activities. ? We continuously audit and review the quality and effectiveness of environmental management to discover deficiencies and make improvements. ? We invest time and resources to ensure employees participate and follow environmental protection guidelines. ? We employ appropriate production and pollution control technologies to ensure the effective use of energy and resources, while reducing the environmental impact of our production activities and service processes. ? We prohibit or restrict the use of any raw materials, auxiliary materials, or packaging materials that contain substances harmful to the environment and human beings.

Energy Management Principles

CHIMEI also values the sustainable management of various energy resources, and we have taken practical action to minimize our energy usage. In order to fulfill our commitments, we have implemented the following principles: ? We have implemented and continue to maintain the ISO 50001 energy management system, and use a systematic data-driven approach to improve CHIMEI’s overall energy performance and efficiency. ? We set energy targets and take action as needed to achieve energy performance improvements, with commitment from all levels of the organization. ? We foster an energy-efficient culture based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) continual improvement framework.


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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