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CHIMEI provides a work environment that encourages learning and development. We help new colleagues quickly adapt to their new work environment so they can learn and grow in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Learning & Development

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We offer employees a range of on-the-job training programs and diverse learning opportunities that balance the company’s needs and employees’ personal interests, and deepen professional or managerial knowledge and skills for successful growth and career advancement.

Career Development

Mentor System

CHIMEI implemented its mentor system in 2010. Every new colleague has a senior colleague assigned by the company as mentor. A mentor plays a very important role as a teacher, a friend, a leader, and a consultant. A mentor can help new hires become familiar with the working environment, meet other colleagues, solve problems in their life and work, and by sharing their own work experience and providing support. Sometimes, the mentor can take care of the new hire’s emotions and adaptation to the their new working conditions. In order to have a good mentoring system, we specially hire professional lecturers to assist colleagues who will become mentors, so they can learn how to lead and communicate with new colleagues. The mentoring system allows new colleagues to quickly adapt to the working environment, and then enjoy their work. We invite you to join CHIMEI’s warm and big family now!


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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