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CHIMEI’s R&D belief has a market orientation and is customer based. It also provides practical solutions intended for various applications and challenges. In addition to our unique knowledge of materials formulation, we are also equipped with a UL-certified laboratory that provides unique one-stop services, which shortens R&D time and saves on costs. Through CHIMEI’s rigorous test processes and a long-term professional materials database, customers receive full support from product development to verification procedures.

UL Certified Laboratory

Fully heighten supply chain competitiveness and value

In order to assist costumers in substantively reducing new product testing time and speed up entry into international markets, CHIMEI collaborates with the global science leading institution UL to set up Asia Pacific’s first UL LTTA (Performance Materials Long-Term Thermal Aging) and CTDP (Client Testing Data Program) laboratory engaged in complete UL comparison tests. In 2020, it became the world’s first laboratory to receive authorization and certification in accordance with Outdoor Suitability (f1) UL 746C. Based on the UL 746C Standard, we can independently carry out materials’ Ultraviolet Exposure (UV) and Water Immersion testing procedures in order to verify the weather resistance and durability of materials. The plant with an accredited laboratory provides instantaneous and convenient verification advantages when engaging in the planning of new products in cooperation with customers, thereby effectively saving customers’ development costs and shortening and optimizing the supply chain.

Fully grasp materials characteristics and key technologies

The LTTA CTDP laboratory is a UL-certified laboratory with the longest evaluation time, the highest technical requirements and the longest testing time during the early and middle part of the Data Acceptance Program (DAP). The extremely rigorous verification processes and operational requirements are affirmation of CHIMEI’s high-quality testing team. As we move into a deeper understanding of the testing processes and gain better control, we also provide a better environment and opportunities for research on changes in and the trends of thermal aging of our products. This in turn aids in enhancing CHIMEI’s R&D technology, capabilities and value. In particular, the knowledge and grasp of polymer behavior and characteristics under extended high-temperature environments provide us with the key technical support in high-performance materials development.

Create Valuable and Reassuring Products

Adhering by the concept of providing safe and beneficial products to the world, CHIMEI pursues a step up in quality to ensure that the applications are in line with various stringent regulatory requirements and provide customers with reassuring guarantees. Under the global trends of emphasis for environmental protection issues and greenhouse effect prevention, green friendly production through waste reduction, emission reduction, energy conservation and prevention of harmful substances is not only an international market trend but also involves the development of high-performance materials technology. Under the development direction of “Clean & Green” and “Client-Side Innovation?” , CHIMEI is capable of finding solutions more quickly for its global clients, thereby moving towards the global goal of creating lating well-bing.


CHIMEI is a Taiwan-based performance materials company that designs and manufactures advanced polymer materials, synthetic rubbers, and specialty chemicals.

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